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The company started in 1989 as Edwin Enterprises Inc. to invest in real estate. The company changed its name to Point Defiance Forest Products once the company started buying and selling Lumber.

The two owners and brothers, Terry and Travis Tebb, soon decided to shorten the name to Defiance Forest Products because it was easier to say and none of the customers or venders were using the full name. Thus the company was officially registered with the State of Washington as Edwin Enterprises, DBA “Defiance Forest Products”. Both Terry and Travis Tebb are graduates of the Oregon State University.

Terry and Travis worked in the lumber business since the day they each turned 16 at Fred Tebb and Sons. Fred Tebb and Sons is lumber remanufacturing mill of specialty softwoods located in Tacoma Washington. It was started by their father, Paul Tebb along with there Uncle, Tom Tebb and grandfather Fred Tebb. Interestingly all whom also attended Oregon State University. After the untimely passing of Paul Tebb in 1979 the part of Fred Tebb owned by Paul was sold to Tom Tebb the last remaining owner at that time.

Terry Tebb also worked for Stimson Lumber Company in Portland for 1-1/2 years as a sales representative. Travis worked for Coast Craft Millwork for a year before starting Defiance Forest Products.

Terry and Travis Tebb continue to run the business as owners of a small-specialized company that has evolved from a door partmanufacturer to an integrated producer of door, window, veneerand specialty engineered parts. These products in species of Douglas Fir, Hemlock and Cedar are now shipped around the country and around the world.

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